Set your date TODAY! Try different methods until you find the one thats best! You’re not alone! Don't be afraid to ask for help!! My biggest motivation is my future! My mom was my strongest supporter, people are willing to help.

Tell it like it is...

If you want to quit smoking and you're looking for help, you've come to the right place. You've taken a big first step in your journey and we'd like to help by providing resources and sharing stories from people just like you.

Hundreds of people in our region have shared their quit stories, and they have a lot to say. Take a minute to view some of their testimonies and hear them "tell it like it is" when it comes to quitting. You'll get great ideas, tips and tools just by listening in.

We're sure you'll be inspired to set your date and get on that journey to quit smoking today.

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Our Initiative

The Smoke Free Paso del Norte initiative was developed to address regional tobacco use problems especially among youth, pregnant women, people with small children, and those who lack economic resources to provide for their own and their family's wellness. Our health promotion initiative also helps to establish new relationships with community agencies and encourage the development of community partnerships.

Working together with these organizations, we can take an active approach for reducing tobacco use in our region.
Tell us your story!

Congratulations to the University of Texas at El Paso for implementing
their tobacco free campus initiative! Click here to learn more.

Tobacco Free Campus